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1. Trading with margin zones

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Wait until the American session closes above zone 1/2.

The Chicago Mercantile exchange closes at 16:00 local time (GMT-6). You need to find out what time offset relative to GMT your broker has in the terminal. For Russia, the vast majority of brokers is 22 hours. 
For the point of the beginning of the trend, it is desirable to take the top, which closed above the zone 1/2 of the opposite trend. Indicator CM Margin Zones automatically locates such peaks and marks them.


Place positions to zone 3/4 and  to zone 1

Open two positions from TP to zone 3/4 and zone 1 . When the TP is triggered on the 3/4 zone, move the second position to breakeven. You can use one position and partially close it on the 3/4 zone.


Place limit orders 

Set limit orders from the correctional zones of 1/4 and 1/2.


Close positions

It is necessary to close unprofitable positions after the second day of the American session closes below the zone 1/2 of the counter trend. Do not worry that the price has gone too far - the static shows that in very rare cases, the price on the second day goes even further, as a rule, it either closes above our zone 1/2 , or you can close it with less loss.

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